Addressing Climate Change
through Entrepreneurship

Many SMEs are taking on the nature crisis.
Learn how we support them.
How are entrepreneurs helping the climate crisis?

In many areas of the world SMEs are adopting positive and nature-based business models, developing solutions that contribute to the well-being of our landscapes and ecosystems. 

By partnering with UNEP we have implemented a replicable incubation model that offers support to these early-stage entrepreneurs since 2021. The aim is to help them access the market, create new opportunities for their communities and showcase the potential of their ideas. 

How do we support organizations in creating impactful incubation programs?

We implement various models of collaboration based on your organization’s needs, target countries or sectors and desired level of systemic impact. We operate globally.

Once we have selected a cohort of entrepreneurs, they’ll start their incubation journey (up to 6 months) through an online platform designed to support them in creating a  validated business plan.

Each entrepreneur will be paired with a mentor who provides online sessions and training. 

We measure the program’s impact on SMEs and communities for up to 2 years after its conclusion. You’ll be able to monitor the improvements in terms of jobs created, revenue and funding obtained.

Selected entrepreneurs join incubation programs that are adapted to their local cultures, delivered through online sessions and onsite workshops.

The programs also rely on the capacity of local ESOs, being trained as well to build a robust ecosystem.

Programs that Made the Difference

Stories from current programs

The Restoration Factory

China, Sao Tome et Principe, Pakistan, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Myanmar & United Republic of Tanzania.

The Forest Incubation Program

Vietnam and Thailand

Overall Impact
So Far

(ongoing programs excluded)

Total revenue
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Jobs created
Incubation centres

Interested in replicating this model?

I’m Afia, Business Director at Bridge for Billions. 

We work with Corporations, Foundations and Development Agencies to co-create and implement incubation programs that empower entrepreneurs worldwide. 

Your business can make the difference too.  Let’s explore how to create impact together.

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