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Mentor in the BECU Inclusive Entrepreneur Program and uplift BIPOC founders to reach their entrepreneurial potential. Ready to make a difference? Register on our platform, fill in your application and apply to be part of this unique program!

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5 months

Certificate of participation available

Make an impact on the small business community

Support a project that excites you

Meet entrepreneurs and their projects, then support the project that sparks your interest.

Learn on the go, alongside entrepreneurs

We believe in active learning! We'll provide you with a clear mentoring structure and resources explained in a simple way.

Get the latest business tools

As a mentor, we will equip you with the same top-notch entrepreneurship tools we offer to participants.

Professional growth

Enhance your leadership and coaching skills through active listening and effective communication.

A powerful and structured mentoring program

Guidance and flexibility

You will be able to mentor from anywhere in the world thanks to the Bridge for Billions digital platform.​ Our goal is to make mentoring flexible and impactful, breaking down barriers of distance and schedules.

Make a real impact

Entrepreneurship can be lonely. Support and guide entrepreneurs as they turn their business ideas into reality, driving positive change in your local community.

Build connections

Joining as a mentor means more than just giving back; it's about growing your network too. You'll meet passionate entrepreneurs and fellow mentors, creating lasting connections and discovering new opportunities.

About the BECU Inclusive Entrepreneur Program

Funded through the Black Community Development Project, the BECU Inclusive Entrepreneur Program aims to empower BIPOC founders to embrace their entrepreneurial potential and gain the skills needed to launch or grow a successful business. As a member-focused credit union, BECU advocates for financial freedom for all our communities. That’s why this program has been specifically designed for BIPOC founders.

To truly make a difference, we’re harnessing the power of community. We’re seeking mentors who can provide not just expertise and perspective, but also the emotional support our entrepreneurs need to navigate their journey. Your guidance will help these founders turn their ideas into reality, contributing to a future where financial freedom is accessible to all.

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by 3 April, 2024

Important dates

Open until 3 April
Start by making a profile on our platform and telling us more about you and your project. After you send in your application, we'll look through all the applicants who are interested in joining program.
Participant announcement
10 April
We'll carefully review all applications to choose 15 participants for this edition. If selected, your next step will be to accept your spot in the program!
Welcome session
12 April
Join us for a welcome session to dive into the details program! We'll introduce you to the program's schedule, your role, and the tools you'll use to develop your business. Don't miss out on this chance to learn more about what lies ahead.
Entrepreneurship program
29 April - 29 August
The online incubation experience begins! From here you'll dive into weekly mentoring sessions, use the practical tools in our digital platform, and follow our entrepreneurship step-by-step plan. You will have 5 months to complete all the modules and develop your business plan.

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