Empower Bangladeshi entrepreneurs with your expertise. Become a mentor today!

Together let's support Bangladeshi entrepreneurs who are developing a business project to promote social innovation and economic growth in the country.

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Program description

Biniyog Briddhi (“B-Briddhi”) is a multi-year programme that runs since 2020 and is dedicated to supporting a thriving ecosystem where impact enterprises of Bangladesh can grow and scale their impact. Set up as a public-private development partnership (PPDP) between the Embassy of Switzerland in Bangladesh, Roots of Impact, and LightCastle Partners, B-Briddhi strives to improve the financial, social and environmental performance of impact enterprises by helping them to master investment readiness and impact management and get ready to access innovative finance to scale. 

Our incubation program will help you structure and validate your business idea or project. At the same time, you will receive the support of a personalized mentor and an incubation team, who will accompany you throughout the program. At the end of the program, you will not only have a business plan to present to potential investors, but you will have total peace of mind that you are building a business validated by your potential clients.

Why participate?

Mentor the project you are passionate about

Connect with the entrepreneur behind the project that interests you the most.

Learn to mentor while you do it

Our active learning model facilitates the role of the mentor by providing a clear structure and resources explained in a simple and practical way.


As a mentor, you will receive training and the same tools as entrepreneurs, and you will put into practice skills such as active listening and effective communication.

Where and when you want

Support your project from anywhere in the world, at a time that suits you. Our program is 100% online.

Grow personally and professionally

Develop your leadership and coaching skills while learning all about innovation.

Create a more inclusive and efficient society

Guide entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who are solving the problems that really matter.

Become the mentor you also had

Think of the mentors that have passed through your life, become that for someone who needs it.

Be part of a community

Join a group of purpose-driven professionals and connect with male and female mentors from all industries.

This program is perfect for you if:

Over the last 3 years, we have supported 54 projects. They received mentorship from experts, attended community events and had the opportunity to attend workshops with experienced community leaders.

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Of the entrepreneurs said the program has been useful, important or critical for their business.
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Were social impact projects.
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Of the entrepreneurs will keep in touch with their mentors after the program.
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What will I learn during this program?

Learn how to manage finances, develop a marketing strategy and create a solid business plan.


Value proposition

Define how your product or service is different and valuable to your customers.

Competition Map

Make your product or service stand out from your competition when selling to the same customers.

Stakeholder map

Confidently identify the individuals or groups that have a strong interest or involvement in your project.

Business model & marketing

Promote your products effectively and sell more at the right price.

Pricing & Business Availability

Ensure that your business stays profitable over time.

Financial Projections

Plan the financial stability and money management for the next 3 years of your business.

Impact Plan

Design how your business will contribute to your sector and region and set how you'll measure it.

Growth Plan

Set growth goals and priorities and monitor your advancements in achieving these as time passes.

Apply before the date!

November 10th



Apply to the program

From October 2nd to November 10th

Tell us more about you and your professional experience by applying below. Our team will assess your selection into the program. 

Apply now >


Announcement of selected mentors

November 17th

We will review all the applications and we will select around 20 mentors to accompany the 10 start-ups to participate in the VISA Asia Pacific program.


Attend the onboarding session

November 29th and 30th

If selected, you will be invited to an onboarding welcome call to the program where you will learn the role of the mentor, how to choose a project, use the incubation platform, its methodology and much more!


Choose the project you want to mentor

From November 30th to December 15th

Take part in our matching process! You will have the opportunity to meet online with different projects. Once you have met several of them, both you and the entrepreneurs will submit your rankings in order to let us know who you want to work with. Based on the rankings, we will make the best mentor-mentee pairs.


The program starts!

From January 8th to April 26th

  • You will work weekly with your mentee in one-on-one mentoring sessions to review their work on the 8 business modules on the platform.
  • You will guide them while they cover the most important parts of their business (from refining the value proposition to generating a clear growth plan).
  • You will meet the other mentors in our monthly sessions, so you can share learnings, challenges, and network.

The platform at a glance

Entrepreneurship is a chaotic process by nature. Therefore, the Bridge for Billions methodology is based on a practical and structured learning approach. The incubation program is based on the development of a business plan from scratch while the entrepreneur surrounds himself with a supportive community: mentors like you, other entrepreneurs and our incubation team. The 8 online business tools allow entrepreneurs to experiment, investigate and document their ideas step by step so that at the end of the program they can download their own business plan in PDF and above all, have the confidence that they are building a viable business.

Questions about the program?

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Contact  Paola Rosenberg, Incubation Manager of the program the if you have any question.