Securing funding and support to scale your social impact solution for a fair energy transition.

The opportunity to access catalytic capital to scale your impact solution can be yours.

Join us for a program that will prepare you to seek investment in the right way with personalized mentorship and world-class pitch training.

Get ready for funding

Apply before September 8, 2024


Open for Latin America, Spain and Portugal

2.5 months

From October 7 to November 14, 2024
Up to €500,000 flexible financing
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Prepare your scaling strategy with us and present your project for the opportunity to receive investment!

You’ll receive a 2-month intensive training to learn how to engage with investors, master your financials, and how to craft winning pitches. Then you’ll get to present your pitch to EDP’s investment committee for a chance to secure funding.

Aside from this, you’ll enjoy:

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1:1 mentorship

Our experienced business builder has reviewed around 1,000 pitches every year from around the world. The companies he has advised have raised pre-seed and seed rounds of up to $3M with valuations up to $30M


Partner with EDP

Receive support from a global energy leader in the energy transition. With operations in four continents, EDP will become a strong ally of your organization.


Access to a flexible capital

Selected social entrepreneurs can receive up to 500k€ in funding, providing crucial financial support to grow your business.

Empower your social business with the EDP Hope Fund

The EDP Hope Fund –  Fair Energy Incubators aims to support and finance social entrepreneurs who are dedicated to ensuring that the energy transition is fair and inclusive, and that it leaves no one behind. In collaboration with Ashoka and Bridge for Billions, the Hope Fund offers a program for social entrepreneurs to develop scaling strategies for their solutions, as well as access to patient and flexible funding opportunities.

Throughout the program, social entrepreneurs will benefit from a 1-1 and group mentorship, followed by a step-by-step approach to create a clear, feasible, and investment-worthy scaling strategy. This will enable them to increase their social impact and reach more people in need for a fair energy transition. As a founder of the Hope Fund, EDP will then select the most promising solutions to invest in their scaling strategy, providing patient and flexible funding. Each selected social entrepreneur can receive up to 500k€ in funding.

How to apply to the program?


1.Read the Information

Carefully review all the details provided on this landing page to understand the program and its benefits.


2.Submit your application

Fill out and send the online application form via Typeform.


3.Await our response

We will review all applications and notify via email whether you will be invited or not for an interview between September 1st to 20th. It is important to confirm your spot as soon as possible.

Do you want to get to know more details
about the Hope Fund program?

Info session: July 18th 10:00 am (CST) 18:00 pm (CEST)

With this program you will:

Understand what investors want

Learn what investors look for and how to develop effective strategies to get funding.

Get strategic support

Gain EDP’s recognition and assistance in key areas of your company.

Master investor interactions

Gain skills to create compelling pitches and one-pagers that attract investors.

Gain financial know-how

Get a handle on financial modeling and due diligence.

Receive feedback from experts

Have your pitch reviewed by experts.

Get Potential funding

If selected by the EDP investment committee, you will receive funding to grow your solution and make a bigger impact.

This program is perfect for you if...

1.Giving access to clean, reliable, safe and affordable energy for underserved communities and/or disadvantaged people.

2. Providing energy efficiency for underserved communities and/or disadvantaged people.

3.Providing up-skilling and reskilling for energy transition industries, with affordable tuition models.

4.Fostering the preservation and restoration of forests and biodiversity, with positive social impact and especially in underserved areas

1.Seed Stage: You have a new business idea or startup that needs funding to develop and launch.

2.Growth Stage: Your business is established and you need additional funding to expand and reach more people.

Apply before:


Submit your application before September 8, 2024

Important dates

Until September 8th
Send your application before September 8th: send your application and let us know your story and your project. We are excited to learn more about you and the business you're building. Our team will evaluate all applications from people interested in joining the accelerator program.
Participant announcement
September 30th
Announcement of the selected participants September 30th: Once we have reviewed all the applications, we will do a selection process to decide who will be part of our exciting program. Whether selected or not, you will receive an email with updates and, if selected, next steps to follow.
Acceleration Training
From October 7th to November 14th
Acceleration Training from October 7th to November 14th 2024: You will learn how to communicate and be prepared to pitch to investors and you will get 1-1 mentorships to learn how to deliver a winning pitch. In addition, we will show you how to create or increase the impact you are reaching with your business.
Presentation to the EDP investment comitte
November 14th and December 10th
Presentation to the EDP investment committee November 14th and December 10th: you will pitch to EDP for the chance to get direct investment and support from a world- leading energy company.

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