You have been selected as a mentor in the EPIC Costa Rica Incubation program

Support and guide students in developing and scaling their social ventures.

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The EPIC Costa Rica incubation program

EPIC (End Poverty Innovation Challenge) is the flagship program for Social Ventures Foundation, a US-based foundation that supports students in their journey of developing their social business. SVF and Bridge for Billions have now joined forces to develop ‘EPIC Costa Rica’ with one clear goal: to drive social and economic development in the country.

This program will help you make an impact by guiding social-driven entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas. Your mission will be to weekly accompany the founders while learning a validated entrepreneurship methodology and strengthening your leadership skills.

Why participate?

Mentor a social project you feel passionate about

Connect with a social entrepreneur working on what really interests and moves you.

Grow personally and professionally

Develop your leadership and coaching skills as you learn more about innovation.

Create a more inclusive and efficient society

Guide brave social entrepreneurs who are tackling the toughest societal challenges in Costa Rica.

Become that mentor

Think of all those mentors in your life and become that to someone who needs it.

Expand your network

Join a global network of +1.800 professionals that share your same interests.

Selection criteria

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Matching and training

From May 12th to May 19th, 2022

You will be paired with a team of social entrepreneurs developing their solution.


Training session

May, 10th at 5 PM (Costa Rica Time) and May, 11th at 9 AM (Costa Rica Time) 

You will attend our Onboarding session where you will get all the details you need for a great mentorship: getting to know Bridge for Billions' online incubation platform, tips for your mentoring sessions, and much more!


The incubation program begins!

From May 20th to August 21st, 2022

  • You will work weekly with your mentees in one-on-one mentoring sessions to review their work on the 8 business modules on the platform.
  • You will guide them while they cover the most important parts of their business (from refining the value proposition to generating a clear growth plan).
  • You will meet the other  mentors of the EPIC program in our monthly sessions, so you can share learnings, challenges, and network!

The best incubation methodology

Entrepreneurship is a chaotic process by nature. That’s why Bridge for Billions’ methodology is based on a structured, hands-on learning approach. Our incubation program is based on developing a business plan from scratch while being surrounded by a supportive community: fellow mentors, entrepreneurs, and an incubation team.

Our 8 online business tools will support you and guide you during your mentorship process. In your to experiment, research and document your ideas step by step so that at the end of the program they will be able to download their own business plan in PDF and they will be confident that you are building a viable business.

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