Estela by Pymar

An incubation and acceleration program for entrepreneurs that want to change the shipyard industry for good. 

Shipyard 4.0

The 4th Industrial Revolution is changing everything around us, including the shipyard industry. In the past, the evolution of the shipbuilding sector was based on the use of new industrial processes and organizational improvement in shipyards.

Nowadays, the scope of innovation within the industry affects everything from quality employment, gender equality and adaptation to new technologies to the automation of production processes, in order to maximize productivity and the development of sustainable products to promote circular economy activities, among others.

The maritime technology sector is at a turning point where the entire value chain can reinvent itself with new products and services, thanks to renewable energies and digital advances, to make it more efficient and environmentally responsible.

Pilot your solution hand-in-hand with Pymar and the shipyards to accelerate your startup!

Get the support you need depending on the phase of your startup. If you want to work with experts in the shipyard industry to further develop your business then this program is exactly what you need.

You’ll get access to:

And much more!

Program starts in


30th of October 2021

The wave of innovation has reached the Shipyard sector

It’s time to optimize production, reduce inefficiencies and increase the productivity of the industry through the application of innovative technologies. We’re looking for startups and entrepreneurs developing solutions that directly impact or are applicable to the Shipyard production and value chain.

Are you ready?

We have two available tracks. Check out the requirements to qualify for each.

Incubation Track

  • Entrepreneurs must have a working prototype
  • Be in a phase of pre-revenue
  • No team is required to participate

Acceleration Track

  • Entrepreneurs must be ready to pilot inside a shipyard
  • Having commercial agreements
  • An established team ready for pilot implementation

All entrepreneurs must have the willingness to commit for the duration of the program and possible pilot.



Apply to the program!

Send us your application, we want to know more about you, your motivations, and your business.


Select your mentor

Go through the matching process and meet international mentors with +5 years of experience in business, innovation, engineering, entrepreneurship, naval industry, or similar. 

Meet the available mentors for an opportunity to finalize your match during our Matching process. 

Mentors will also send out their rankings to let us know who they want to work with. 


Start the program

Begin a 3 month incubation period to continue developing your startup.

  • Attend 8 online checkpoints to meet fellow founders in your industry and get peer-to-peer support too.
  • Work weekly with your personal mentor on one-to-one sessions to go over the 8 business modules. You’ll start refining your value proposition and finish the program with a clear growth plan.


Connect with the community

  • Attend Investment Readiness Workshops to learn more about investment in your sector. 
  • Share your experience with the founders and mentors from over 80 countries in the Bridge for Billions’ community space.

Do you have any questions?

 Connect directly with Santiago, Program Manager of Estela by Pymar to answer them all in a 20 min meeting. Whenever you see fit!


Or send us an email here.