Support Cambodian entrepreneurs to validate and strengthen their businesses idea

Support Cambodian enterprises to validate and strengthen their business ideas

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What is IDEA App Cambodia EIP?

IDEA App Cambodia EIP is an Enterprise Incubation Program initiated by Khmer Enterprise in partnership with UNIDO Cambodia through the implementation of a UN joint program on the “Decent Employment for Youth in Cambodia” funded by the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC). IDEA APP Cambodia EIP falls under the big umbrella of the IDEA App Programs, created and developed by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and Bridge for Billions.

Together with Khmer Enterprises, we are excited to announce the IDEA APP Cambodia EIP, with the aim to make entrepreneurial education accessible to Cambodian startups and SMEs in order to create employment and ensure sustainable economic growth in the country.

This program will recruit 30 early-stage enterprises developing business ideas in the following sectors: Tourism and Services, Agriculture, Light Manufacturing, and Information & Communications Technology (ICT).

With your help as a mentor, the program will be able to fully support and accelerate sustainable industrial and economic development in Cambodia.

Learn, connect and make a difference in Cambodia by supporting an entrepreneur in their journey to develop a ready-to-launch enterprises!

Why participate?

Where passion meets action

Meet several innovative entrepreneurs and connect with the project that interests you the most.

Grow professionally

Expand your knowledge with the latest entrepreneurship methodologies and get a Mentoring Certificate.

Build social network

Join a global network of thousands of mentors, top professionals that share the same interest in entrepreneurship

Boost your skills

Join the interactive learning model facilitates the role of the mentor by providing a clear structure and explaining in a simple and practical way.

Decide when and where

Support your project from anywhere in the world, at a time that suits you. The program is 100% online.

Be part of the change

Guide Cambodian entrepreneurs who are facing the complex challenges in this most disruptive technology age ever experienced

This program is perfect for you if…

Deadline to apply

No further applications to this program are supported
March 26, 2023

Program timeline

Sunday, March 26th 2023
Sunday, March 26th 2023

Mentors applications

Submit your application and tell us more about you and your motivations to become a mentor.

March 29th 2023
March 29th 2023

Announcement of Selected Mentors

Review all the applications and the announcement of the result for the first cohort.

Early April
Early April

Attend the Mentors Training Session

If selected, mentors will be invited to an onboarding welcome call to the program where you will learn the role of the mentor, understand the methodology and curriculum, learn how to select a project, and navigate on the platform. At this stage is a good chance to network with other fellows mentors!

During April
During April

Mentors and Entrepreneurs Matching

Trust the matching process! A Mentor will have the opportunity to meet and see different projects available on the go within the platform. Based on the rankings, we will make the best mentor-mentee pairs.

From April to early October
From April to early October

Online Incubation Program

Meet weekly with the matched entrepreneur at least 2 hours per week, to go over the overall business plan. The program will offer guided mentoring step-by-step through 8 business modules from helping mentees to polish value proposition to the development of a growth plan.

Founders who got supported by mentors like you in other IDEA App Programs

The IDEA App platform at a glance

As the backbone of the program, the IDEA App platform offers a gamified and step by step experience that allows entrepreneurs to create their business plans and validate their model. Far from theory, the pedagogy will help you in a practical way in your mentoring process!

Our methodology invites entrepreneurs to “get out there”, talk to people, research, and validate their ideas. As a mentor, you will be there for your entrepreneur every week  challenging their assumptions and offering a fresh perspective.

Ready to start?

Do you have any questions about the program?

Mentor applicants should show a passion for helping aspiring entrepreneurs. You should be ready to commit at least for 2h/week during 5 months in order to ensure quality mentorship and a productive business relationship.

You can always choose when to work with a project or not, but once a commitment is made, you will be officially paired with that project!

Being a mentor will benefit you in several ways. First, it will allow you to meet and connect with entrepreneurs working on relevant problems.

It will also enable you to develop your own skills as a mentor, exposing yourself to the latest innovation and entrepreneurship methodologies, while helping a startup business to grow.

Mentoring on IDEA App Cambodia Incubation Program is an impactful experience that you can do from pretty much anywhere where you have the internet.

As a mentor, you will guide your entrepreneur throughout our 5-month structured program, helping them a minimum of 2h/week — you are of course free to dedicate more time!

You will be the person who can understand the ins and outs of their business and, week after week, help them to validate their strategy for each critical stage, from targeting the right customers, to building a 3-year growth plan.

You will support your entrepreneur through virtual collaboration on the platform as well as video chats once a week. We also encourage any connection or extra resource that you can share with them.

Our program is made of 8 business tools. These tools will guide you as well as the entrepreneur in effectively covering and validating each critical aspect of the business planning process. These are the eight tools you will cover:

  • Value Proposition
  • Competition Map
  • Stakeholder Map
  • Business Model & Marketing
  • Pricing & Business Viability
  • Financial Projections
  • Impact Plan
  • Growth Plan


Of course! However, keep in mind that we will value mentors with previous experience in self-employment experience.

If you have been or are a small business owner, entrepreneur or solopreneur willing to support impact entrepreneurs, this program is perfect for you!

Yes — once you have officially been accepted as a mentor, you will be invited to follow an onboarding training where we’ll explain our innovation-based entrepreneurship methodology and how our platform works.

You’ll get the chance to meet other mentors, and of course we’ll be here to answer all of your questions. You will also join an online community of mentors to spark conversations, share extra resources, and keep learning!

Yes, you can! Our only ask is that you be realistic with your time commitment: we don’t want anyone to overcommit or raise expectations for the other party that they won’t be able to meet.

Our platform has been built to facilitate collaboration. Once you have access to the workspace, you will be able to work together with your  entrepreneur through comments.

Apart from your private project workspace, you will have an online group call with all of the participants from your cohort (mentors and entrepreneurs) to share articles and resources, ask questions, and overcome challenges together.

Lastly, you’ll also have one-to-one messaging with your mentee(s) available, and each team can decide (or not) to use alternative communication channels such as phone, WhatsApp, email, Slack, etc.

Start your application process by creating a Mentor Account and filling out our application form. We’ll notify you once your application has been approved and we’ll invite you to an onboarding call to give you a warm welcome, acquaint you to your role and our methodology and explain how to explore projects.

Being a mentor for this program is a 100% volunteer experience in which you’ll impact the life of an entrepreneur when it’s most needed and learn top-notch entrepreneurship methodologies.

Yes, mentors who successfully complete the incubation program may request a Mentorship Certificate, shared with you at the end of the program.

Can’t find your question here?

Connect directly withIDEA App Cambodia EIP Program Manager Catherina Vecchione.

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) partnered with Bridge for Billions to create IDEA App, an online program to connect young entrepreneurs with mentors from all over the world to accelerate the growth of new entrepreneurship communities and foster an entrepreneurial culture.