Reimagine Nitra with your Art & Environment project

Do you dream of building a business that contributes to a lively city that's artsy and eco-friendly?

We seek to support 30 entrepreneurs with mentorship, educational tools and connections.

Shape Nitra's future by combining creativity with sustainability and well-being

As part of the EU Horizon 2020 project, this is our second year supporting initiatives that seek to bring new life into the city. We are supporting businesses that are creating flexible urban spaces for everyone to enjoy. This innovative program aims to bring together art, environment, and community engagement.

Whether you’re an artist with an idea, an environmental enthusiast with a business, a community advocate with a social project, or a business idea to support your city… There’s a place for you in this transformation!

We believe in the power of art and environment to transform urban spaces into vibrant hubs of activity, learning, and collaboration.

So we’re launching a second cohort to keep supporting entrepreneurs in Nitra!

Last year 12 Entrepreneurs with 7 different business ideas completed our entrepreneurship program. They received mentorship from experts, attended incredible community events and had the opportunity to attend workshops with experienced leaders.

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Meet some of the ventures we’ve supported already:

Miriam Krizanova
VERUM Centrum o.z.

The VERUM Center carries out its activities in the field of prevention, accompaniment, counseling, crisis assistance, volunteerism, and creativity development by linking art with a sense of impact on the environment. We do it for people who want to move forward and want to build healthy relationships in families.

Martin Dvornicky

Our intention is to start educational concerts for primary, secondary and high schools. It is an artistic and educational cultural performance in the style of hip-hop subculture with the use of modern technologies. The content of the performances should be creatively crafted themes that highlight the issues of addiction, self-acceptance and discovering one's talents.

Martin Istvanec

Our intention is to build a network of refreshment stands along the cycling routes in the Nitra region with the possibility of presenting local producers, tourism organizations and municipalities. We see that in this way we will contribute to inclusion and create a space to connect people.

We believe you can succeed.

We know your idea has the power to transform urban spaces into a community.

We’re looking to support 30 business ideas to bring this vision to life. Are you ready to dedicate 4 months to improve and set the foundations to grow your business with the latest entrepreneurship tools? Here’s what we have to offer:

Build friendships and a professional network with entrepreneurs in Lucca, Córdoba and Riga to expand your business opportunities and community support.

Receive personalized mentorship that will help you guide your business decisions with leading experts.

After completion, you could be selected to travel to the IN-HABIT Consortium to present your business and the impact you make.

Connect to a network of organizations focused on business development, investment funds and many more opportunities!

Take it from those who've been there. This is what the entrepreneurs from the first cohort have to say about our program:

What can I expect to gain from the program?

As an entrepreneur
As a mentor
Proven methodology

You will learn by doing with an approach inspired by MIT's Disciplined Entrepreneurship. More than 2900 entrepreneurs from 120+ countries have already gone through our methodology!

Mentorship guidance

You will work closely with a mentor who will guide you throughout the length of the program. Have weekly video sessions where you will review their work, get feedback, and resolve any questions.

Global network

You will connect with the rest of the program participants, a community of peer entrepreneurs working in your city towards the same goals as you. Connect with them throughout the different program sessions to share resources and tackle challenges together.

Your own executive summary

Founders will work on their business step by step while generating a validated business plan and executive summary. You will be able to download a PDF version to later present it in front of investors, other co-founders, etc.

Anytime, anywhere

Collaborate from anywhere at any time through our online platform; no barriers, limits, or excuses; just an internet connection!

Exclusive perks

Access to expert masterclasses + more than 30K in discounts on HubSpot, Amazon WS, Google Suite, MailJet, IBM…

Pitch your business

At the end of the program, you will join our pitch competition during the final Demo Day with relevant stakeholders from the ecosystem.

What makes us so successful?

Step-by-step learning and development

Our program is designed to guide you through each stage of your business journey. You will learn by doing practical exercises that can be applied to your business from the first day.


Work from anywhere and at anytime using our online platform. All you need is an internet connection. Focus on your entrepreneurial journey without compromising your other responsibilities!


We'll pair you with a mentor who will guide you personally, through weekly video calls. They'll provide an external perspective to help you with your business and its potential.


Join our industry-led webinars with experienced professionals. Get actionable advice and wonderful tips to grow your business from the best experts!


Join a friendly community of entrepreneurs and business mentors. Share resources, make business alliances, and work through challenges together.


After finishing all the modules on our platform, the system will automatically create your executive summary. Just download it and share with banks, investors or other stakeholders. A necessary tool to take your business to the next level!


By the end of the program, we'll host a closing event where top finalists will get to present their business ideas to relevant stakeholders locally. All participants will be able to share their projects and network with the program partners.

Ready to be part of the change?

Let's co-create a city that embodies sustainability, community, and boundless possibilities. It's your turn to shine and be part of the change. Join InHabit Nitra Today!

Requirements for entrepreneurs​

for mentors

What will I learn during this program?

Learn how to manage finances, develop a marketing strategy and create a solid business plan.


Value proposition

Define how your product or service is different and valuable to your customers.

Competition Map

Make your product or service stand out from your competition when selling to the same customers.

Stakeholder map

Confidently identify the individuals or groups that have a strong interest or involvement in your project.

Business model & marketing

Promote your products effectively and sell more at the right price.

Pricing & Business Availability

Ensure that your business stays profitable over time.

Financial Projections

Plan the financial stability and money management for the next 3 years of your business.

Impact Plan

Design how your business will contribute to your sector and region and set how you'll measure it.

Growth Plan

Set growth goals and priorities and monitor your advancements in achieving these as time passes.

Apply before the date!


November 24th 2023

Want to know more about the incubation program?​

Sign up for one of our info sessions on zoom on the following dates:

What's next?


Apply to the program

Until November 24th, 2023

Tell us more about you and your start-up (for entrepreneurs) or your professional experience (for mentors) by applying below. Our team will assess all the entrepreneurs and mentors applications and select the necessary profiles.

Apply now >


Announcement of selected candidates

Late November

We will review all the applications and we will select the entrepreneurs and mentors to participate in the IN-HABIT Nitra Incubation Program.


Onboarding Entrepreneurs and Mentors

End of November

If selected, we will invite you to participate in an information session to welcome you to the incubation program. In this session we will cover the role of program participants, what the relationship between mentors and projects will be like, the use of the Bridge for Billions incubation platform, and much more!


Mentors and Entrepreneurs Matching

Beggining of December

Take part in our matching process! Entrepreneurs and mentors will have the possibility to meet in different virtual sessions of their choice. Once you have been able to meet different profiles, both will send their preferences to let us know who they want to work with and make the best teams.


Online Incubation Program

From January to May 2024

Start the online incubation experience with mentoring sessions, work tools and structured development. Entrepreneurs and mentors will have 4 months to complete the incubation cycle and develop your validated business plan.

  • Entrepreneurs will cover the most important parts of their business (from refining the value proposition to generating a clear growth plan).
  • Mentors will meet weekly with your entrepreneur in one-on-one sessions to go through the 8 business modules.
  • Ventures will finish the program by developing a business plan and executive summary ready to present to investors, for example.
  • After completing the program, participating ventures will be invited to present and pitch their projects in our final Demo Day.

Have questions, need assistance, or want to learn more? No problem, we're here to help.

Simply provide your contact information, and we'll reach out to you as soon as possible.

What is IN-HABIT?

IN-HABIT is an EU Horizon 2020 project that aims to foster inclusive health and wellbeing (IHW) in four peripheral small and medium-sized cities (SMSCs): Cordoba (Spain), Riga (Latvia), Lucca (Italy) and Nitra (Slovakia).

In each city, the project will mobilise existing undervalued resources (culture, food, human-animal bonds and environment) to increase IHW, with a focus on gender, diversity, equity and inclusion.

The integrated approach will combine technological, digital, nature-based, cultural and social innovations in selected urban public spaces. These solutions will be co-designed, co-deployed and co-managed with and by local stakeholders.

The best methodology

As the backbone of the program, the program offers a gamified and step-by-step experience that allows entrepreneurs to create their business plans and validate their models.

Far from theory, our pedagogy pushes you to formulate your ideas and answer the tough questions. It invites you to “get out there”, talk to people, research, and validate your ideas. Your mentor will be there for you every week to support you by challenging assumptions and offering a fresh perspective.

At the end of the program, you will not only have a business plan to present to potential investors or new co-founders and team, but you will have total peace of mind that you are building a business validated by your potential clients.

Questions about the program?

For entrepreneurs

For mentors

Can’t find your question here?

Contact Vanesa Kovacova, Incubation Manager of the IN-HABIT Incubation Program, if you have any questions.

This program has been built by

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 869227

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