Get trained as a volunteer startup mentor and make a difference by mentoring young entrepreneurs. By offering 1h of your time every week for 4 months, you will help them turn their ideas into viable businesses that have the potential to go global. 

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What is The Level Up Accelerator?

The LevelUp Accelerator is part of the UNIDO’s LevelUp Advancing Jordanian Industries Project funded by the Italian Development Cooperation and implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply (MITS) of Jordan.

The LevelUp Accelerator is executed in collaboration with Jordan Exports’ Zero to Hero Accelerate program which aims to provide fully-fledged incubation services that includes e-commerce capacitation and international readiness advice for 35 entrepreneurs in natural cosmetics, food supplements and fashion and garment value chains to build their technical capacity and be ready to export.

Participate in the LevelUp Accelerator program as volunteer mentor to learn, connect with top innovators and make a difference. Choose a mentee, meet with them weekly, think through challenges and help them develop a ready to launch company.

Why participate?

Meet innovative entrepreneurs

Develop a mentoring relationship with an impactful young entrepreneur in Jordan.

Expand your network

Join a global network of more than 1400 mentors globally, top professionals that share your interests.

Grow professionally

Learn everything you need about the latest entrepreneurship methodologies and get a Mentoring Certificate.

Boost your skills

Develop your own abilities as a mentor while you support a growing project: leadership, empathy, innovation methodology, etc.

Decide when and where

Mentor from anywhere and at any time through our online platform.

Be part of the change

Support entrepreneurs that are facing the most complex challenges of our time.

This program is perfect for you if…

Deadline to apply


Friday, 24th of December 2021

Program timeline

Sunday, 26 OF DECEMBER
Sunday, 26 OF DECEMBER

Announcement of Selected Mentors

We will review all the applications and we will select 50 mentors to participate in this edition of the program

Tuesday, 28th of December
Tuesday, 28th of December

Attend the Mentors Training Session

If selected, you will be invited to a Training Session to where we cover your role as mentor, how to use the incubation platform, its methodology and much more. Also a good chance to network with fellows mentors.

From 29th of Dec to 11th of Jan
From 29th of Dec to 11th of Jan

Mentors and Entrepreneurs Matching

"Matching" in IDEA App is a fun process in which you get to meet several entrepreneurs with different projects and decide who you’d prefer to work with. During two weeks you’ll have 30 minute initial meetings with several entrepreneurs, and you will eventually rank them by order of preference. We’ll then finalize who is your final “match”: the one entrepreneur you will guide through the program. 

Fraom 13th of Jan to 13th of May
Fraom 13th of Jan to 13th of May

Online Incubation Program

Meet weekly with your mentee for the duration of the program to go over their business plan. Don’t worry! Our program will guide your mentorship experience through 8 business modules: From helping your mentee polish their value proposition to the development of their growth plan, including for exports. 

Founders who got supported by mentors like you

The program at a glance

The program offers a gamified and step by step experience that allows entrepreneurs to create their business plans and validate their model. Far from theory, the pedagogy pushes them to formulate their ideas and answer the tough questions.

It invites them to “get out there”, talk to people, research, and validate their ideas. As mentor, you will be there for them every week to support them by challenging assumptions and offering a fresh perspective.

Get a certificate that you’re a trained mentor!

At the end of the 4 months, you will get your personal Mentoring Certificate that certifies that you are a successfully trained mentor who provided 20+ hours of mentorship and became proficient in mentoring entrepreneurs on these topics: value proposition, competitors mapping, identification of key stakeholders, business modeling, marketing, pricing strategies, financial forecasting, impact planning, and growth strategy.

Ready to start?

Do you have any questions about the program?

Can’t find your question here?

Connect directly with Santiago, Program Manager, to ask him in writing or in a quick meeting. Whenever you see fit!

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