Are you looking to scale your day-to-day operations? We can help you plan for sustainable growth in your digital business

In alliance with Payoneer, we're on a mission to empower Filipino entrepreneurs like you to thrive in the digital landscape. We will provide you with the educational resources, mentoring, and infrastructure to drive impact on your business and community.

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Empowering equality through entrepreneurship in the digital world

Digital businesses are transforming lives in the Philippines by creating job opportunities, driving economic development, and giving communities the opportunity to create better living conditions for themselves. That’s why we created the Bridge for Billions Incubation Program for Filipino Entrepreneurs, in partnership with Payoneer.

Guided by our values, the purpose of this program is to empower Filipino digital businesses to make a positive impact for themselves and their people. Whether you’re an aspiring freelancer, a creative team offering digital services, a tech enthusiast or a group of developers… There’s a place for you in this transformative journey!

A program designed to unlock your full potential as a business owner

We're all about giving you entrepreneurs the tools and know-how to succeed in today's digital world by scaling your operations, gain insights and expand your network with us.

Here’s what we have to offer:

Dynamic Community:

Build friendships and a professional network of entrepreneurs, mentors and industry experts. Here, you'll learn, share, and grow together.


Receive personalized mentorship that will help you guide your business decisions, bounce-off new ideas and review your progress.

Pitch Perfect

Refine your pitching skills and prepare for our end-of-program Demo Day. Impress our panel for a chance to secure a monetary grant to invest in your business.

Expand Your Network

Connect and collaborate with like-minded freelancers and BPOs in the Philippines', as well as our global network. We promise these valuable connections will extend beyond the program, serving as support for your growth.

Join the program for a chance to win one of the 3 prizes at the thrilling end-of-program Pitch Competition!

Participating in our program comes with exclusive perks from Payoneer!

As a member of the Payoneer community, you’ll receive:

Unleash these benefits and more by becoming a part of our program today.

What will I learn during this program?

Learn how to manage finances, develop a marketing strategy and create a solid business plan.


Value proposition

Define how your product or service is different and valuable to your customers.

Competition Map

Make your product or service stand out from your competition when selling to the same customers.

Stakeholder map

Confidently identify the individuals or groups that have a strong interest or involvement in your project.

Business model & marketing

Promote your products effectively and sell more at the right price.

Pricing & Business Availability

Ensure that your business stays profitable over time.

Financial Projections

Plan the financial stability and money management for the next 3 years of your business.

Impact Plan

Design how your business will contribute to your sector and region and set how you'll measure it.

Growth Plan

Set growth goals and priorities and monitor your advancements in achieving these as time passes.

You can shape the digital future, and we’re here to support you!

We’re ready to embark on this entrepreneurial journey with you. Together, we’ll leverage digital innovation and drive positive change in your business and your community.

Make a lasting impact in the Philippines’ digital landscape and apply now to join our program. A world of opportunities awaits. 

Program requirements:

Apply before the date!


From October 3rd to December 31st



Apply to the program

From October 3rd to December 31st

Tell us more about you and your start-up by applying below. Our team will assess your selection into the program. 

Apply now >


Announcement of selected candidates

We will review all the applications and we will choose 70 entrepreneurs to participate in this edition of the program.


Attend to the onboarding session

End of January

If selected, you will be invited to an onboarding to the program and session on how to select your mentor, how to use the incubation platform, its methodology and much more. 


Mentors and Entrepreneurs Matching


"Matching" is a fun process in which you get to meet several volunteer business mentors and decide which one is the best fit for you. For approximately one month you'll have 30min initial meeting with several mentors, and you will eventually rank them by order or preference. We'll then finalize who is your final "match": the one mentor who will guide you all along the program.


Online Incubation Program

March to June

Begin a 4 month incubation period to continue developing your startup.

  • Work weekly with your personal mentor on one-to-one sessions to go over the 8 business modules. You’ll start refining your value proposition and finish the program with a clear growth plan.
  • Attend 4 online group calls to meet fellow founders and work through the challenges of the program.

The platform at a glance

As the backbone of the program, the plaftorm offers a gamified and step by step experience that allows entrepreneurs to create their business plans and validate their model. Far from theory, the pedagogy pushes you to formulate your ideas and answer the tough questions.

It invites you to “get out there”, talk to people, research, and validate your ideas. Your mentor will be there for you every week to support you by challenging assumptions and offering a fresh perspective.

Questions about the program?

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Contact  Arielle, Incubation Manager of this program if you have any question.

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