Join us in supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs building ecosystem restoration solutions

Contribute to delivering an innovative incubation program focusing on eco-preneurship

Our Partners

Join us and drive social innovation in Kenya

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and Bridge for Billions, along with the support of Partnerships For Forests (P4F), join forces to create an incubation program that will support up to 50 enterprises with the potential to restore natural ecosystems through sustainable agriculture, forestry, etc.

Why support restoration enterprises?

Kenya’s economy is very dependent on tourism and agriculture, both susceptible to climate change and extreme weather events. Unpredictable rainfalls and recurrent droughts severely affect Kenyan ecosystems and the livelihoods of their communities.

Supporting restoration entrepreneurs will have positive impact by developing innovative solutions that would prevent major ecosystems loss and build climate resilience in local communities.

Entrepreneurship Support Organizations’ local knowledge and know-how would be instrumental in reaching out to and equip Kenyan entrepreneurs willing to tackle those challenges

What’s in it for my organization?

Strengthen your support to entrepreneurs

Your organization won’t be alone throughout the program! You will receive different training sessions such as how to run a successful application period or how to start a mentor's community from zero, for example. You will also learn new entrepreneurship frameworks and methodologies as well as best practices between ESOs (Entrepreneurship Support Organizations), among other topics.

Digitize your support

You will manage the whole program easily thanks to a very friendly and efficient online incubation platform for your selected entrepreneurs, with a structured and step-by-step methodology. You will also learn how to better leverage digital tools to run programs and expand your services.

Learn more about our methodology here.

Get compensated

Because we will need your organization to have a dedicated Incubation Manager for this program, we will compensate for the time and resources invested with USD 14,000 (paid in 7 installments upon achievement of key program deliverables and reports).

Read the Terms of Collaboration here.

Gain experience

Gain practical knowledge on scalability and efficiency best practices in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, thanks to a “learn by doing” program experience and active engagement with other ESOs from your country.

Get certified

A certificate in Incubation Management will be provided by Bridge for Billions, proof that you have strengthened your skills even further in cutting-edge entrepreneurship support techniques.

Gain access to Bridge for Billions’ partner tools

Get access to dozens of discounts for you and your entrepreneurs on key tools for early-stage companies, amounting to USD 40,000.

Why should your organization join?

Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (ESOs) need to join forces if we truly want the Kenyan entrepreneurship ecosystem to thrive and grow in the field of ecosystems restoration.

By joining this ecosystem builder initiative, your organization will boost growth and development in the region and make a direct impact on early-stage entrepreneurs by increasing their quality of life and their communities. 

Take our word for it! Our “learn by doing” methodology, inspired by MIT’s Disciplined Entrepreneurship, has already supported more than 100 Entrepreneurship Support Organizations, resulting in 3700 entrepreneurs incubated in 98 different countries.

Selection criteria for ESOs

What will be your role as Incubation Manager?

Apply before March, 30th.

Get trained as Incubation Manager

You will benefit from a training cycle of 6 sessions on Program Management & Incubation

Attract and select the best restoration entrepreneurs

Actively broadcast the call for restoration entrepreneurs in Kenya to find our 50 participants

Run the incubation program

Week after week, support entrepreneurs and mentors as they develop viable business plans

Close with a pitch event

Close the program with an event that shows local stakeholders their viable restoration enterprises

March 4th to 25th
March 4th to 25th

All applications will be evaluated by Bridge for Billions, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Partnership for Forests (P4F), and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Please note, your written applications should be submitted using this form.

March 30th
March 30th

Out of all the applications, we will choose the finalists based on the selection criteria (read our Terms and Conditions). These finalists will be interviewed before the final selection.

April 1st to 5th
April 1st to 5th

Once all finalists have been interviewed, we will let your organization know whether you have been selected or not. You will sign a contract with UNEP/FAO outlining all the responsibilities and benefits, and start the training cycle and the program!

See what other incubation managers say

This training I received as Incubation Manager and the program we operated in Guinea was an amazing experience.

At first we had fears about doing an incubation program mostly online but actually the participants found it very well structured and the tools really changed their mindset.

Having access to a diverse pool of mentors has also been invaluable. I learned a lot and I’d like to do another such program myself, and see it replicated in other countries.

Mohamed Lamine Magassouba

Program Manager from Jathropha Hub IDEA Center

Questions about the program?

Do you have any other questions?

 Connect directly with Margarida, Program Manager of the Restoration Factory Program.