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Forest landscapes in crisis

Forests provide livelihoods for more that 1 billion people around the world and play a critical role in stabilising the world’s climate. According to the World Resource Institute, despite decreasing deforestation rates in some regions, forests are still under significant threat with 30% of global forest cover cleared, another 20% degraded and only 15% of forest cover currently intact.
This is a crisis that demands urgent action.

Restoring forest landscapes through bankable projects

Key to tackling decreasing forest cover is investing in restoration and forestry enterprises. It requires to mobilize large-scale investments through viable and attractive business proposals that can put to rest the idea that restoration projects are inherently costly and risky. They are not.
By giving project developers access to bespoke mentoring, the Factory represents an opportunity to unlock more finance, quicker, for greater impacts.

The Restoration Factory

The Factory has been created with the vision that restoration and business experts can join forces to build back a better future, in which ecosystems services are essential parts of a profitable, thriving and green business transformation.
As a mentor, you will be part of a dynamic group of people who are passionate about the environment and want to have a tangible impact on the lives and economic prosperity of communities around the world.
We need YOU to get involved and help tackle one of the most pressing and urgent problems of this generation.

Why Participate?

Make an impact

Be a part of the
restoration revolution by supporting early-stage ventures in their journey for impact

Join our community

Be part of a community of like-minded earth champions building solutions for today's restoration problems.

Travel without traveling

Expose yourself to beautiful landscapes from the convenience of your home- let your mind wander

Learn while doing

Leverage your expertise to generate a bankable project, in turn you will gain new skills on restoration

The Restoration Factory Projects


The project is centred around the state forest farm system of former production forests that covers 8% of the country’s territory.

Sao Tome et Principe

The project will support the value chains of high-quality products, especially organic and fair-trade cocoa, coffee and pepper.


The main objective of the project will be to manage the Chilgoza ecosystem and develop the value addition and value chain development.


The project aims to support and facilitate biodiversity conservation, sustainable land management, climate resilience and improved livelihoods.

Central African Republic

The project is piloting a wide-ranging set of interventions to restore degraded and abandoned lands at five sites in four southern provinces.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Addressing landscape degradation and supporting government and community partners by developing a provincial-level strategy for FLR.

Guinea Bissau

This project is working to restore and protect mangrove ecosystems – among the most productive and threatened ecosystems in the world.

Kenya (ASAL)

The project tackles environmental challenges by providing alternative models for sustainable land management, restoring degraded lands, and supporting the development of diversified livelihood options.

Kenya (Tana Delta)

The project aims to strengthen integrated natural resource management and restoration of degraded landscapes in the Tana Delta.


The project is helping advance partnerships between the state forest department and local communities to restore and better manage degraded lands.

United Republic of Tanzania

The project is designed to strengthen integrated natural resource management and restoration of degraded landscapes for resilient socioecological systems.

Mentor's Criteria for Selection

The Restoration Factory
Program at a glance

This platform offers a tailored gamified and step-by-step experience that allows restoration entrepreneurs to create their business plans and structure their model.
Far from theory, the pedagogy pushes early-stage founders to formulate their ideas and answer the tough questions. It invites them to “get out there”, talk to people, research, and validate their ideas.
As a mentor, you’re here every week to challenge assumptions, double check and support.

Program Timeline

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