Do you want to support more businesses that care for nature and our forests?

If you’re an organization that supports entrepreneurs from Vietnam, Cambodia or Lao PDR; we’d love to start collaborating with you!
Join this initiative to gain tools to spark a new wave of impact both for your entrepreneurs and nature in your country.

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an initiative where your impact, local businesses and the ecology grow together

as a local organization, your role is vital.

You’ll implement an incubation program locally while also engaging in regional collaboration and international exchanges.
Together, we can unite our efforts to support up to 100 entrepreneurs who are driving positive change and sustainable growth. 

what is safe?

SAFE, or Sustaining an Abundance of Forest Ecosystems, is about protecting and helping our forests through entrepreneurship.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Bridge for Billions, supported by the Korea Forest Service (KFS) have joined hands for this mission. They bring knowledge, resources, and global support to make this initiative  successful.

How Does SAFE Work?

We believe in empowering local organizations that help entrepreneurs and businesses grow. Our goal is to give them innovative management tools, an digital incubation platform, and funds, so they can run more efficiente and engaging programs.

By empowering them, they will be able to support more businesses focused on nature to start and grow.


the partnership

At the heart of our initiative lies the belief that through unity and shared efforts, we can achieve extraordinary outcomes and learn from each other.

We aim to foster knowledge transference, innovation, and camaraderie in the region. 

That’s why we need your expertise, enthusiasm, and local implementation skills to make this idea a success.

Join as a Partner and Gain Valuable Benefits:

What are we looking for in a partner?

Proven Commitment & Experience
  • A shared vision for empowering local communities in forest protection and restoration.
  • Experience with community-based groups and climate-focused entrepreneurs, especially in reforestation and land conservation.
  • Eager to co-create and join a cross-country initiative  with UNEP and other partners.
  • Ready to engage with industry experts and adopt best practices.
Dedicated Staff & Resources
  • Commit at least 50% of one staff member's time to become the  Incubation Manager for the program and receive the 15h training. 
  • Strong writing, interpersonal, and group communication skills, both in English and the national language.
Operational Requirements
  • Reliable infrastructure, including internet connection and computer access, and ideally facilities for in-person events.
  • Agree to the Terms of Responsibilities (TOR), including the role, compensation, and activity calendar.

Collaboration brings growth. That’s why community is at the heart of what we do.

We love working with local organizations because each has their own unique expertise.
Working locally gives the opportunity to adjust each incubation program to the local culture and harness community wisdom. By coming together with national incubators, we also ensure that the initiative’s benefits stay right where they belong – within the communities we serve, for a better future and a lasting  tomorrow.

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Our proven methodology awaits for you!

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DEADLINE: December 5th, 2023

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