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The Sustainable forest trade Incubation Program

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), and Bridge for Billions, joined forces to create an incubation program that will support up to 50 early-stage enterprises from Vietnam with the potential to promote sustainable timber trade in the region.

The Sustainable Forest Trade Incubation Program has been created to support the emergence of commercially-viable, community-inclusive and climate-resilient businesses that support the emergence of commercially-viable, community-inclusive, and climate-resilient businesses focused on sustainable forest trade. The program seeks to attract projects that show robust revenue generation perspectives and ambition to reach a critical mass. We aim to build a diverse and attractive cohort demonstrating commercial potential and wide adoption of nature-positive business models.

This program is part of the UN-REDD Lower Mekong Initiative on Sustainable Forest Trade.


Why join as an entrepreneur?

Step-by-step learning and development

Our program follows a step-by-step methodology, which allows you to work directly on your business and make the most important decisions, as well as visualize your financial projections or your growth and impact plan for the next few years.

Personalized mentoring

You’ll be partnered with a professional to personally guide you, with whom you will have weekly video call sessions. This way, you can have an external point of view while you validate your project and advance in key aspects to define your business and its potential.

Global entrepreneurship community

Become a part of a supportive global community of founders that share resources and harness challenges together.

Final Pitch Competition

Once the incubation phase has finished, participate in the Final Pitch Competition where you will be able to present your business in front of different stakeholders.


Our program is 100% online and allows you to have a flexible schedule. Work from anywhere at any time through our online platform. No barriers, limits, or excuses: just an internet connection.

Build your own executive summary

The platform offers a learn-by-doing approach inspired by the most recent entrepreneurship methodologies. You will get to generate your own Executive Summary in PDF format, a document you can share with potential investors, co-founders, etc.

This program is perfect for you if:

Send your application before


DEADLINE: January 25th, 2023



Apply to the program

Until January 25th, 2023

Tell us more about you, your team and your venture by submitting your application below. Our team will evaluate all applications from entrepreneurs who apply to the program.

Keep in mind! Only one of the team members should apply. Later on, once accepted, you will be able to add the rest of the members so you can collaborate together in the platform.

After the application process we will review all of them and we will send you an email, letting you know more details about your participation.

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Participate in the welcome session

Early January 

We will invite you to participate in an information session to welcome you to the incubation program. In this session we will cover the role of program participants, the role of your mentor, the use of incubation platform that will help you work on your business, and much more!


Meet your mentor

Early - mid January

Take part in our matching process! You will have the opportunity to meet online with volunteer mentors, both local and international.

Once you have met several of them, both you and the mentors will submit your rankings in order to let us know who you think will be the best fit for your project's needs. Based on the rankings, we will make the best mentor-mentee pairs.


The incubation program begins!

From mid January until early April (4 months)

Welcome! Now you are ready to begin a 4-month incubation period to continue developing your business.

  • Follow an online curriculum with 8 modules to build a robust value proposition and business strategy for your venture.
  • Meet weekly with your personal mentor on one-to-one online sessions to get a fresh perspective and make sure you're in the right direction.
  • Attend the monthly online group meetings to meet fellow founders and work on the soft and business skills needed to grow as an entrepreneur.
  • Once the incubation phase has finished, participate in the Final Pitch Competition where you will be able to present your business in front of stakeholders.

Questions about the program?

The Sustainable Forest Trade Incubation Program is a mentoring and business incubation support program that assists entrepreneurs and businesses in developing enticing and attractive business models that are focused on restoration of landscapes and ecosystems.

  • The program offers a 4-month curriculum blending online content and in-person check-ins.
  • An online platform takes participants through an 8-module program covering market differentiation and business planning in order to maximize the commercial viability of ventures.
  • An assigned mentor helps participants (on a weekly basis, through 1.5 hour video calls or in-person meetings) to test their business assumptions and gather feedback to further their online curriculum progression.

The whole program takes 6 months and requires a minimum of 8 hours of work per week from you. The more time you’re able to put in, the better the results. A typical week you’ll spend:
• Around 3hrs working on the online modules
• At least 1h in a mentorship call with your personal mentor.
• At least 2hrs doing field work to validate your assumptions, getting to know your customers and market, etc.

If you have a business partner, you can divide the work. If you can’t commit to at least 7/8 hours per week for 4 months, this may not be the program for you.

We advise you to have a laptop or desktop computer and preferably one of these browsers: Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox. However, our platform is also suitable for cell phones and tablets.

Also, we expect you to have a stable and reliable internet connection both for your work on the platform as well as to participate in the calls with your mentor via video call.

Motivation and time commitment are paramount to the success of your participation: this is an intensive 4-month curriculum blending tested methodologies and formats to maximize tangible progress toward commercial viability of existing ventures.

In contrast to other incubation and/or acceleration programs, there is no partial ownership for equity schemes nor prize money.

However, we offer a program completely free of charge that allows you to gain industry knowledge and guidance from mentors in the field or business experts.

Your mentor is your guide throughout the program — someone who understands the intricacies of your business. Week after week, your mentor will help you validate your strategy and design your growth plan. Mentors support you through your work on the platform and meet with you once a week to review the work done (typically using video calls).

Yes! You and your business partners can all participate in the program. Only one representative from your team should apply, but if selected you can easily invite your teammates in the beginning of the incubation stage.

Protecting your intellectual property is extremely important to us. Your application and program data are confidential.

Besides, both you and your intellectual property are protected by our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Your mentor will also sign a Mentorship Agreement that includes a confidentiality clause.


The aim of the program is to support its participants in achieving commercial viability as a pre-condition to investment.

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Connect with our program managers

Alexandra Martins

Bridge for Billions Program Manager for the Sustainable Forest Trade Incubation Program

George Scott

Program Manager from UNEP

Nguyen Bich Hang

Manager, Forest Sector Transformation & Sustainable Forest Trade in the Lower Mekong Region, WWF-Việt Nam