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What is the Adviseathon?

As businesses grow, it is normal for certain areas to accelerate faster than others. We might excel in finances but face challenges in sales, or we could have strong marketing but struggle with operations. The Adviseathon was designed to connect Bridge for Billions alumni* with expert mentors from VISA who specialize in a variety of topics. These VISA mentors will provide customized insights to refine your operations and propel your business forward.

*This program is only available for alumni from Bridge for Billions US programs 

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Participate in three, one-hour online sessions held on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 25 October 1-2pm CT
  • Wednesday 1 November 1-2pm CT
  • Wednesday 15 November 1-2pm CT

We will match you with mentors based on your specific needs and their expertise. These seasoned professionals will offer tailored advice and strategies to address key challenges in your business.

Connect with expert mentors from VISA

Specialized mentors providing tailored support for your business

Tap into the expertise of professionals in:

  • Finance (eg. reporting, budgeting, projections etc)
  • Funding (eg. finding investment, bootstrapping, pitching, grant writing fundraising)
  • Marketing (eg. branding, content creation, public relations)
  • Product Development (eg. design, prototyping, testing)
  • Human Resources (eg. hiring, organizational development, policies)
  • Client Management¬†
  • Sales
  • Project Management

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