Your expertise can shape the future of local business.

Mentor restaurant owners in Washington, D.C. and Minneapolis, MN as they launch additional revenue streams to their existing businesses. Ready to make a difference? Register on the platform, fill in your application and apply to be part of this unique program!

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5 months

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Make an impact on the small business community

Support a project that excites you

Meet restaurant owners and their businesses, then support the business that sparks your interest the most!

Learn on the go!

We believe in active learning! We'll provide you with a clear mentoring structure and resources explained in a simple way.

Get the latest business tools

As a mentor, we will equip you with the same top-notch entrepreneurship tools we offer to restaurant owners

Professional growth

Enhance your leadership and coaching skills through active listening, problem solving, critical thinking and effective communication.

A powerful and structured mentoring program

Guidance and flexibility

You will be able to mentor from anywhere in the world thanks to the Bridge for Billions digital platform.​ Our goal is to make mentoring flexible and impactful, breaking down barriers of distance and schedules.

Make a real impact

Entrepreneurship can be lonely. Support and guide entrepreneurs as they turn their business ideas into reality, driving positive change in your local community.

Build connections

Joining as a mentor means more than just giving back; it's about growing your network too. You'll meet passionate entrepreneurs and fellow mentors, creating lasting connections and discovering new opportunities.

DoorDash Accelerator for Local Restaurants:
Live & Local Series

In partnership with Bridge for Billions, the DoorDash Accelerator for Local Restaurants: Live & Local Series was designed to empower restaurant owners in Washington, D.C., and Minneapolis, MN to diversify their revenue streams. Through in-person events, 1on1 mentorship, entrepreneurship curriculum to support the addition of new revenue streams, and other loan and funding opportunities’, restaurant owners will receive the resources and support they need propel their businesses forward.

The DoorDash Accelerator will strengthen the community of restaurant owners, mentors and local partners in Washington, D.C., and Minneapolis, MN, providing opportunities for networking and collaboration within this industry. Restaurant owners will be guided every step of the way with the essential resources and support they need to implement their additional revenue streams and receive up to 5K in funding to make their dreams become a reality.

Our local partners

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, MN

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Submit your application by 31 May

Important dates

Open until 31 May
Start by making a profile on our platform and telling us more about you and your project. After you send in your application, we'll review all applicants interested in joining program.
Participant announcement
6 June
We'll carefully review all applications to choose mentors for this cohort. If selected, your next step will be to accept your spot in the program
Incubation & Mentorship
15 June - 15 October
The online incubation experience begins! From here you'll dive into weekly mentoring meetings, use the practical tools in our platform, and follow our step-by-step entrepreneurship plan.

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